Helping Federal Employees and Annuitants Understand Their Benefits


Getting Started

Learn how to evaluate your personal situation, start your retirement application, and develop a realistic retirement plan.



Determine when you are eligible for a FERS or CSRS retirement including early and deferred retirement options.


Annuity Payments

Estimate annuity payments for targeted retirement dates and discover ways to increase your monthly payments.


Benefit Options

Insurance options including FEGLI, FEHB and Medicare, survivor elections, and Thrift Savings Plan withdrawals.


Financial Planning

Evaluate your retirement income and expenses plus learn about your TSP and Social Security options.



FERS and CSRS Federal Civil Service Retirement Planning Resources

"I spent 3 hours on the web looking for answers to questions concerning federal retirement. After a Google search yielded your address, it took only 20 minutes to find all of my answers! Thank you!!!"  Rod H. (Read all Reviews)

Many attend retirement planning seminars prior to retiring and return with more questions than answers. This site fills the gap and will help you determine if you are financially, emotionally and physically ready for federal retirement. You will be able to estimate your retirement income and expenses using our easy-to-follow checklist, complete federal retirement forms, explore financial issues including TSP options, understand basic estate civil service retirement planning techniques, find jobs in retirement if desired, and determine your spouse's survivor annuity income and expenses.


Retirement Radar:
Fortifying Your Financial Future

Join us for this free retirement webinar from best-selling retirement author Tom Walker. This webinar prepares federal employees to navigate the uncertainties of retirement and focuses on pinpointing and addressing the varied risks that could impact the stability of your financial future.

'Retirement Radar' goes beyond mere risk assessment; it offers a proactive strategy to strengthen your financial outlook against retirement's diverse challenges. Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to construct a resilient safeguard for your retirement years.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend:

  1. Sequence of Returns Risk: Understand the impact of market volatility on your retirement savings.
  2. Tax Rate Risk Management: Explore the potential fluctuations in tax rates and how they can affect your retirement income.
  3. Long-Term Care and Medical Expenses: Address the significant risk posed by potential long-term care needs and escalating medical expenses.
  4. Inflation Risk: Gauge how rising costs of living can erode your purchasing power and strategize to counteract inflation's impact on your retirement savings.
  5. Social Security Reduction Risk: Examine scenarios where Social Security benefits could be reduced and how to prepare.
  6. Interest Rate Risk: Analyze the effects of changing interest rates on your investment portfolio and pension.

Join Retirement Radar to gain mastery over RISK ASSESSMENT to construct a resilient safeguard for your retirement years. Attendees will walk away empowered, with the knowledge and confidence to build a strong foundation for your retirement prosperity.

Click “REGISTER HERE” to reserve your seat!


Preparation is the key to a successful federal civil service retirement. This site helps Federal and Postal employees successfully transition from an active federal employee to an informed, financially secure, and involved federal retiree. Current retirees will also find answers they need to make informed decisions about their retirement benefits. If you desire to work in retirement, you will find  private sector job listings specifically targeting to retirees. You can also explore ways to return to government employment through the rehired annuitant program, personal service contracts, or contractor options.

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