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Federal Employee's CSRS & FERS Survivor's Guide

Quicken WillMaker Plus software allows you to enter your personal data and generate detailed Survivor's Reports, Caretaker Reports, Wills, and powers of attorney forms. Quicken Deluxe also provides an emergency records organizer for compiling this information.

You can compile important survivor's information by capturing the following data on a spreadsheet or simply list the information in a Word document for your heirs to use to handle your estate. List as much information as possible, value, contact numbers, addresses, account numbers, contacts, etc.

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Survivor's List


  • Adult's Emergency Contact Information
    • Name, address, and phone number
    • Relationship of family, friends and business acquaintances
    • List the circumstance in which to contact.  
  • Adult's Important Information (Also list location of documents such as the DD-214 Military Discharge form)
    • Family members birth dates
    • SSN
    • Drivers license numbers
    • Religious affiliation
    • General notes
    • Military records
    • Employment
    • Marriage data, etc.
  • Personal & Legal Documents
    • Location of wills
    • Trusts
    • Dates completed
    • attorney and accountant
    • Executors
    • Birth certificate information and location
  • Account Information
    • All bank accounts
    • Credit Union accounts
    • Money market accounts
  • Income (All sources)
    • Annuities, dividends, interest earned, part time jobs, business, etc.
  • Investments & Retirement
    • Brokerage accounts including Treasury Direct online accounts
    • 401K and IRAs
    • SEP/Keogh
    • Stocks
    • Bonds
    • Treasuries
  • Home/Auto/Property
    • Private residence
    • Vacation or second homes
    • Autos and recreational vehicles
    • Home alarm codes and information
    • Pets
    • Safe deposit box and home safe information, etc.
  • Insurance Information (List account numbers, addresses, amount of coverage, agent's name and address, etc.)
    • Life
    • Health including long term care policies
    • Auto
    • Home care
    • Umbrella policies
  • Mortgages & Loans (Balances owed, loan company information and account numbers)
    • Mortgage 
    • Home equity
    • Auto
    • Credit card 
  • Passwords and user IDs
    • Online account access information (Make a master list and include with your report)
    • Codes for garage doors
    • Security system
      • Codes to arm and disarm system
      • Contact numbers
      • System information
  • Other essential information that your executor will need to settle your estate.

I used The Executors Guide to help me compile my estate plan. It is an essential resource and guide for those you assign to settle your estate.

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