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Jobs are posted on this site by employers that seeking highly qualified, reliable, and skilled federal annuitants and employees approaching retirement. Federal employees and retirees are sought out by corporate America due to their exceptional service, skills, education, security clearances held, and knowledge of their agency or federal programs.

We offer job posting options for employer's critical job vacancies. A Featured Jobs (Banner) located at the top of job postings on this page or a text link added to the top of our JOBS LISTINGS.  Featured Jobs and text link job postings are available on and Use our job posting request form and annotate which site you wish to post your vacancies. 

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  • Employer Job Listings (Click on the job title)
  • FT = Full Time, PT = Part Time, TEMP = Temporary
Federal  Benefits Educators PT Able to travel to training events
Bank Tellers (All Areas) FT/PT Nationwide
Customer Care Sales PT/PT Nationwide
Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters PT/FT Nationwide through
Bus Driver (School) FT/PT Nationwide
Cab Driver - Lyft PT Nationwide
Care Giver PT Nationwide
Clearance Jobs - Security FT/PT Nationwide
Driver FT.PT Nationwide
Environmental Health & Safety PT/FT Nationwide
Store Clerks FT/PT All Areas
Computer Specialists FT/PT Nationwide
Contract Specialist FT/PT Nationwide
Database Administrator FT/PT Nationwide
Engineers (All Disciplines) FT/PT Nationwide
File Clerk FT/PT Nationwide
Handyman PT/FT All Areas
Home Depot Jobs PT Nationwide
Hospitality Jobs PT Nationwide
Insurance Agents FT/PT Nationwide
Janitors FT/PT Nationwide
Medical Assistants PT/FT All Areas
Medical Specialists FT/PT Nationwide
Nuclear Jobs FT/PT Nationwide
Receptionist FT/PT Nationwide
Store Clerks FT/PT Nationwide
Truck Driver Jobs FT/PT Nationwide


Employers - Post critical job vacancies on our sites.

NOTE: Review the Retiree Job Hunting Resources and other independent recruiting services that we list on this site. Take advantage of our free services to find jobs that match your skills, education, background, salary, and schedule requirements.

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