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Federal Retirement Planning

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Requesting 1099-R Replacements Retirement Income Verification
VERA (Early Retirement Offers) VSIP (Incentive Payments)
Annuity Computations (CSRS & FERS) Best Date to Retire Best date to retire
Benefits & Finance (General) Retirement - Other Issues
BLOG - Articles (All Subject Areas) Disability Retirement
Cost of Living Adjustments Marriage (Adding survivor benefits)
Eligibility CSRS and FERS Sick Leave/Annual Leave
Employment Opportunities Social Security & Medicare
Getting Ready to Retire Survivor Benefits
Insurance Programs Taxes
Law Enforcement and Special Groups Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
Lifestyle and Travel Reporting an annuitant or survivor death
Military Credit & DD-214 Copies What to Expect After You Leave
Contact OPM (Retirement Hotline) Retiree Benefits ID Card
Direct Deposit Instructions Retirement Decisions
Retirement Contribution Refunds Divorce & Court Ordered Benefits
Part Time Work - Affect on annuities  


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Annuity Computations (CSRS & FERS)



Benefits & Finance (General)


Cost of Living Adjustments


CSRS and FERS Retirement Other Issues


Disability Retirement



Eligibility CSRS and FERS


Employment Opportunities for Retirees


Getting Ready to Retire


What to Expect After You Leave



Lifestyle and Travel


Law Enforcement and Special Groups


Sick Leave/Annual Leave


Military Service Credit Issues


Retirement Date Issues


Retirement Decisions


Social Security & Medicare


Survivor Benefits




Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)



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