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"One of the best investments I ever made." - S. Meyers

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Expert advice available through your Federal Retirement Report™

So you’re thinking about your retirement? BIG QUESTIONS should be coming to mind that need answers; for example:

  • When can I retire?
  • How much will I get in retirement?
  • What happens to my benefits in retirement?
  • My TSP options: What should I do now and what should I do after I retire?
  • THE BIG ONE: Can I afford to retire?

The good news is that federal employees have excellent benefits. In fact, compared to many employer plans today, they are exceptional assuming you clearly understand all of the features and benefits, and how to apply them to your personal situation. Federal employees have the opportunity to form a solid “foundation” to a well-built financial “house” in which to potentially enjoy retirement and confidently weather any financial storms that might come their way. Unfortunately, due to the complexities of the system and the myriad of options, making the most appropriate choices, will in many cases, demand competent advice.

Simply put, you’ll need help.

The good news is that we are federal retirement specialists and can help. We may be able to answer all of your questions and concerns. We understand your system. Through your personal Federal Retirement Report™ we can provide you with the following support:

  • When you can retire
  • The best time to retire
  • The income you can expect in retirement vs. your current income
  • Identify the potential gaps in your income and teach you how you might close them
  • Your Survivor’s Benefits and costs; if you need them and what are the alternatives
  • Your FEGLI benefits and costs; if you need them and what are the alternatives
  • Your TSP account and withdrawal options after you leave
  • Your TSP account – what funds should you chose right now
  • How to know the right risk for you and what TSP funds match up

Currently this Federal Retirement Report™ service is available for FERS and CSRS employees and retirees located in the continental USA, Hawaii and Alaska only. 

By filling out and submitting the form below you will initiate the process to request your Federal Retirement Report™. We believe this will be one of the most valuable investments you will make; imperative to actually achieving your financial goals, and a wise investment of your time. You will be entitled to the following:

  1. Your personalized 27-page written Federal Retirement Report™ customized to your specific situation that will address all of the bullet points above and more
  2. INCLUDED AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE: Up to a one hour, one-on-one, personal consultation delivered via a convenient webinar with our federal retirement specialist to go through your questions and review your personalized Federal Retirement Report™ with you.

  3. An assessment of your current situation and a discussion of your most pressing questions
  4. INCLUDED AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE the opportunity to have up to one additional one-hour, one-on-one, consultation via webinar with our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. This is one of the most valuable features of your Federal Retirement Report™ and can put you on track, help you find clarity around your money and potentially help you achieve multiple financial goals sooner and with less risk.

In the civilian world many people gladly pay $1,500 - $3,000 to receive competent one-on-one retirement advice support and counseling. At $500, by any argument, our comprehensive package would be viewed as a bargain.

SPECIAL PRICING:  $179.00 RISK FREE exclusively through this offer.

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Call 949-354-5543- Ex 101 if you have any questions or need additional
information before submitting the assistance form

NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are committed to providing prompt, professional and courteous service throughout all steps of the process. We will strive to answer all of your questions and provide competent and objective advice so that you can make sound decisions that may enable you to avoid many retirement pitfalls and hazards. If at any time throughout the process you are not completely satisfied, we ask that you simply let us know and we will promptly refund your money. You bare no risk so take this important step now!


An ancient Roman proverb states: “for the man (or woman) who doesn’t know what harbor to sail for, no wind is the right wind”. This couldn’t be more true. By initiating the Federal Retirement Report™ process right now you can identify your “harbor”. Your questions can be answered and your goals clarified potentially enabling you to achieve them both sooner and with less risk.

STEP #1START THE PROCESS: Simply provide some basic information about yourself by completing the brief form below.

STEP #2 – After making your initial payment you will immediately receive an email confirming your payment and requesting the remaining data needed to complete your report. You may either make your payment in full ($179.00) or as a down payment to get things started ($89.50).

STEP #3 – Your one-on-one meeting to review your Federal Retirement Report™. Once your report is ready you will be contacted to set your personal one-on-one appointment, at a time convenient to you, to review your Federal Retirement Report™ and have your questions answered. If you haven’t already paid in full you will be asked to make your final payment of $89.50 at this meeting. OPTIONAL (INCLUDED AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE): You will also have the opportunity to set up your personal one-on-one meeting with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ should you so choose.

Optional at no additional charge.

STEP #4 – One-on-one consultation with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. You can schedule this one-on-one meeting now or bank the appointment for a later date, when you are ready, should you so choose during the meeting.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE you have nothing to lose. Don’t delay. Start the process now!


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Note: This service is available for those located on the US Continent, Hawaii, and Alaska. This service isn't affiliated with Bookhaven Press, OPM, or any federal agency. The representatives do not have access to your Official Personnel File (OPF).

SPECIAL PRICING:  $179.00 RISK FREE exclusively through this offer.


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