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Determine Level of Care If You Should Become Terminally Ill


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A living will allows you to determine - in advance - the level of care you desire if you should become terminally ill. It also covers conditions such as Alzheimer's disease or if you are diagnosed to be in a permanent coma, a medical condition that results in death regardless of the continued application of life support. Every state has their own unique forms.

I initially used Quicken Willmaker Plus to draft both my wife's and my wills, Living Wills, called a Declaration in Pennsylvania, and powers of attorney forms. You can also have your attorney draw these documents up. Quicken will generate two forms, a Declaration which outlines your wishes, and a Durable Power of Attorney that appoints a primary and alternate person to make healthcare decisions for you if you can't. It takes less than a half hour to complete your forms and print them out. In Pennsylvania you must have two persons over the age of 18 witness your signature and attest to your soundness of mind at the time the document is signed. This software covers all states except for Louisiana. Quicken WillMaker Plus takes you through a step-by-step interview to complete your personal forms.

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