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2013 COLA Update

Federal retirees in the CSRS and FERS retirement systems will receive a COLA increase of 1.5% percent in 2014. Complete COLA information is available on this site. Active fedeal employee's pay will increase 1% in 2014. 

Retiree JOB Opportunities

Many job opportunities are available for federal retirees − and those planning to retire soon − to earn additional income in retirement. Our Jobs Board has updated listings targeted to federal retirees. Many companies seek out retired federal employees due to their government experience and contacts. You can also explore high paying opportunities for those that hold current Security Clearances.  





CSRS & FERS Federal Civil Service Retirement Planning Resources

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"I spent 3 hours on the web looking for answers to questions concerning federal retirement. After a Google search yielded your address, it took only 20 minutes to find all of my answers! Thank you!!!"  Rod H. (Read all Reviews)

Preparation is the key to a successful federal civil service retirement. This site helps Federal and Postal employees make the transition from active federal employee to an informed, financially prepared, and involved federal retiree. Current retirees will also find CSRS and FERS civil service retirement information and answers they need to make informed decisions.
Many attend retirement seminars prior to retiring and return with more questions than answers. This site fills the gap and will help you determine if you are financially, emotionally and physically ready for federal retirement. You will be able to estimate your retirement income and expenses using our easy-to-follow checklist, complete federal retirement forms, explore financial issues including TSP options, understand basic estate civil service retirement planning options, find jobs in retirement if desired, and determine your spouse's survivor annuity income and expenses. 

Retirement Planning Assistance 




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Dennis DampDennis Damp, host of our Lifestyle, HR & Employment Forum, is an author, a veteran and federal retiree.


Ann OzunaAnn Ozuna, host of our HR & Divorce Forum, is a federal retiree and founder of Personnel Solutions Federal Benefits Counseling. 


Nancy HolstonNancy Holston, host of our Travel Forum, retired from federal service in 2008. 


A new Financial Planning Forum host will be starting soon.