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2019 Leave Chart

Federal Employees 2018 & 2019 Leave Record

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Updated 12/10/2018

2019 Federal Leave Record 

Each year we publish a comprehensive leave record that federal employees can use to track their daily record of annual and sick leave, comp, and credit hours used. Our updated 2019 Leave Chart is designed for active federal employees that are planning their retirement and need to establish realistic target retirement dates. The new Excel 2019 Leave Record Spreadsheet also helps federal employees maximize their annuity through prudent management of their annual, sick, comp, and credit hour balances.

Download the 2018 and/or 2019 federal leave record and place it on your desktop to not only track your leave balances but to capture your work schedule for the current year. The spreadsheet automatically tabulates all of your leave balances. Use our Sick leave Chart to determine the amount of additional time you will accumulate towards retirement. Each full month of sick leave ads to your annuity payment. By thoughtfully planning your exit you will be able to maximize your benefits and the one time payout for your accumulated annual leave.


A few leave chart users reported a problem with opening the leave spreadsheet, the Excel chart was opening up for them in protected mode and they were not able to enter data into the form. If your spreadsheet opens in protected view click the "enable editing" button in the yellow bar at the top of the form. However, if you don't see the enable editing button you may have an older version of Excel or your IT department may have to allow the form to pass without restrictions. We also inlcuded a newer xlxs workbook version that you can use if you have problems with the earlier version.

A Microsoft Office consulting firm advised me that If the files opens in protected view the protected view status is a result of security settings on your agency's LAN and network. Some agencies increase their security settings to lock out certain documents based on the parameters the IT specialist selects. We do include several hyperlinks in our forms to link users to additional information such as our sick leave conversion chart and that may be the cause. If you have this problem when opening the form I suggest talking with your IT people to have them allow the form to pass without restrictions. 

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Leave Record Menu

  • Federal Leave Record Use
  • Sample Chart
  • 2017 Federal Leave Chart 2019 Leave & Schedule Excel Charts. These FREE charts track all leave balances. This chart can be placed on your desktop to track your work schedule and all leave balances. They are helpful when selecting target retirement dates and to build your annual leave balances that you can cash in when you retire. We have two formats available, an xls and an xlsx version. The xls is the older format and the xlsx is the newer version. If the xls opens up in protected view download the xlsx version.    
  • 2018 Leave & Schedule Excel Chart (xls)


Leave Record Use 

Typically you select several target retirement dates that provide the maximum annuity payment and refund of accumulated annual leave. This process includes setting a retirement date that provides you with another even month of accumulated sick leave which adds to your annuity payment. Each month of accumulated sick leave ads to your monthly annuity check and by conserving your annual leave usage the last few years of employment you will receive a rather large annual leave lump sum check a month or two after you leave. You can gradually accumulate 6 weeks of annual leave over your career and then use as little annual leave as you possibly can the last year of service. If you don't use any leave your last year you can retire with up to 448 hours of annual leave, the maximum amount allowed. 

Sample Leave Chart

The following partial screenshot presents the layout of the spreadsheet to familiarize you with the format. Download the 2017 leave record and place it on your desktop for easy reference and update.

Download the 2019 Leave Record Spreadsheet

2019 Leave Chart



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