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2015 COLA Update

Federal retirees in the CSRS and FERS retirement systems may receive a COLA increase of 2% or more in 2015. Complete COLA information is available on this site. Active federal employee's pay may increase 3% in 2015 if administration's request is accepted by Congress.  

Retiree JOB Opportunities

Many job opportunities are available for federal retirees − and those planning to retire soon − to earn additional income in retirement. Our Jobs Board has updated listings targeted to federal retirees. Many companies seek out retired federal employees due to their government experience and contacts. You can also explore high paying opportunities for those that hold current Security Clearances.  





Federal Employee's CSRS & FERS Federal Civil Service Retirement
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Updated 6/16/204


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Requesting 1099-R Replacements Retirement Income Verification
VERA (Early Retirement Offers) VSIP (Incentive Payments)
Annuity Computations (CSRS & FERS) Best Date to Retire Best date to retire
Benefits & Finance (General) Retirement - Other Issues
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Direct Deposit Instructions Retirement Decisions
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Part Time Work - Affect on annuities Reporting an annuitant or survivor death


Retirement Planning Assistance



Annuity Computations (CSRS & FERS)


FEGLI Review Request a FREE "Personal Summary of Benefits" and Annuity review

Benefits & Finance (General)

Cost of Living Adjustments

CSRS and FERS Retirement Other Issues

Disability Retirement

Eligibility CSRS and FERS

Employment Opportunities for Retirees

Getting Ready to Retire



Retirement Planning Assistance

What to Expect After You Leave

Insurance Programs

Lifestyle and Travel

Law Enforcement and Special Groups

Sick Leave/Annual Leave

Military Service Credit Issues



Retirement Date Issues

Retirement Decisions

Social Security & Medicare

Survivor Benefits


Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)



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